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Sterling silver is the brightest of all the precious metals.

Many people would prefer to wear sterling silver jewelry more than any other metal because they love the bright, shiny look of jewelry produced in sterling silver.

Over the years, the popularity and value of sterling silver has risen.

Because sterling silver is priced lower than real gold and platinum, most people can afford to invest in new pieces of jewelry and even resell them in today's market.

Many established, high-end designers and manufacturers worldwide have followed this trend toward sterling silver jewelry.

With the resurgence of sterling silver, consumers better understand how to maintain this precious metal through regular cleaning and polishing. This makes maintaining sterling silver less of a chore than previously thought. Consumers find the extra maintenance required to regularly clean and polish their silver to be well worth the effort.
Sterling silver is preferred by many consumers worldwide simply because they like it better than gold, and there are several reasons why they do.

1. Value

Although it is the whitest, most brilliant metal, pure sterling silver (925) is more affordable than gold or platinum.
Consumers enjoy the fact that the price of silver has always been a fraction of the price of gold. Silver is cheaper because it’s mined more often than other precious metals, so there is simply more of it in the marketplace. Getting a beautiful piece of silver jewelry for a modest price is not only an advantage, but it allows consumers to feel as though they have gotten something beautiful for a very good price.
Because sterling silver is more affordable than gold or platinum, it allows consumers to buy more of it than other metals.
This creates an abundance of choices for those who like the look of sterling silver jewelry.
2. Durability

Sterling silver is a hard metal that will stand the test of time. It can be easily filed and polished by jewelers to repair any surface damage that may occur during normal wear. Rings are easily sized, and the repair costs for silver are extremely economical.
3. Artistry

The types of jewelry designs in silver are plentiful. This is largely because jewelry designers and manufacturers can afford to cast more designs in silver than they can in gold or platinum.
This results in more new jewelry artists and new concepts in design within the marketplace.
Consumers enjoy the fact that they are not relegated to wearing the same thing day after day; they can quickly find additional sterling silver jewelry pieces to freshen their jewelry collections.
4. Style

Keeping up with the latest jewelry styles can be difficult, but consumers can easily accomplish acquiring the very latest styles in jewelry when they buy sterling silver pieces.
The constant change in fashion is often the reason why people will choose to buy more silver than gold.
The cost and abundance presents an availability of the latest trends in jewelry.

Consumers can simply change entire ensembles when they buy sterling silver jewelry.

This happens less often with gold and platinum because jewelers tend to stay with the older, tried and true jewelry designs for those metals. The investment is much higher in gold and platinum, so jewelers/manufacturers tend to take fewer chances with new designs in these metals.

Jewelers will display an abundance of silver jewelry that consumers can choose from.

5. Interchangeable

Many people find that sterling silver is interchangeable with their white gold and platinum jewelry.
They can wear sterling silver designs with their other gold and platinum pieces.
This allows consumers to have a bevy of designs that can be worn together without a mix and match look to their jewelry ensembles.
Consumers particularly enjoy this because they feel as though they have gotten a lot more for the uniform appearance while paying less.

Many people love sterling silver jewelry for its bright luster.
There has been a resurgence of sterling silver in the marketplace because it is simply less expensive to produce and to buy rather than real gold or platinum jewelry.

Consumers have many other reasons for the preference for sterling silver over gold and platinum.

Consumers enjoy the fact that sterling silver is durable, and it’s a good value. They can keep up with the latest designs in jewelry without having to pay a high cost to procure them.

Although style and price are choices that consumers enjoy, they can also enjoy mixing their silver pieces with the white gold and platinum pieces that they already have. This allows them to have a uniform look to their jewelry ensembles.

They can build new jewelry collections around their more expensive pieces.

As styles and trends change, consumers who buy sterling silver can get a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of other precious metals. This allows consumers a myriad of choices in jewelry.

Many high-end designers manufacture their unique jewelry in sterling silver.

This is possible because silver is both affordable and popular among new designers and consumers alike.
The fact that sterling silver takes special care to keep its shimmering glow doesn’t bother today’s consumers.

They have learned how to take care of their silver pieces, and they find that it’s well worth the effort to enjoy all of the advantages that buying sterling silver jewelry has to offer.