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Champringsfactory | Championship Rings Manufacturer & Seller

No.1 Leading Manufacturer , Exporter and Direct Seller of Championship Rings | Sports Rings | Class Rings | Military Rings | Fraternity Rings | Name Jewelry

In we deliver the best source for your custom jewellery needs, we have a complete set of high quality products that is perfect for your budget.

Cheap Championship Rings for Factory Direct Prices is what we offer. We ensure the quality of your championship rings for the lowest price guarantee. Unlike other sellers we give free engrave, free insert and free logo watch for every order. Our mission is to deliver high quality championship rings available for the fans worldwide. We also have direct partnerships and distributors to help us reach out to our customers worldwide.

Championship Rings full description can be found in Wikipedia here.

Our Quality Guarantee

The stones and precious metals used are of the highest quality. We are proud to say that we are one of the leading manufacturer of Pure Sterling Silver 925 and Jeweler's Gold materials for the rings. Our stone cuts are all 3 dimensional and all polished to perfection.

Manufacturing Process and Quality Assurance

Our factory of championship rings , college rings and class rings are manufactured by our expert jewelers in the Philippines. They are build with the finest designs and intricate quality assurance process that separates the quality of our rings compared to the other manufacturers. We have about 30 exports account managers for our distributors and 50 expert jewelers who has solid experience in jewelry design and production.